Let me entertain

August 7, 2006

…you a bit. Or better, let Rowan Atkinson do it instead of me, I’m not good entertainer. I’ve noticed that he is just mr.Bean or sir Black Adder for many people (commenting on youtube). Well, believe it or not, he is much more than that. I’m not realy a fan of his, but I randomly catch few videos today, which I’ll generously share with you 😉

Here are few links, because I’ve noticed that the code for video is not accepted (in visual rich editor on or off):

Link one Rowan Atkinson as a devil

Link two Rowan Atkinson as principal

Link three Rowan Atkinson as naughty priest

Link four
Rowan Atkinson naked



August 6, 2006

If you’re under 18, you probably shouldn’t read that post, unless your parents are present. Don’t say I didn’t warned you…


It’s quite interesting or are advertisers that desperate? Well, it’s all about (human) psychology I think.
I realy put something hot to my blog 😉 and surprised even myself.


August 6, 2006

Well for my first post I couldn’t remember anything better, so I’ll just put some nice pussy pictures in it 😉

Well, what did you expect to see under that :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:




Well, I’m proud of you if you actualy get to those lines here 😆 I’m also curious how many people want to see pussy 😉 It’s all about tricks. Now I only have to promote this this thing a bit and we’ll see.

And few more tricks: get yourself a random picture into blog with name of famous people and give a description that could be interesting to many people. But important question in the end is: who are the people that you want to see your blog? Horny guys, bored women, or more intelectual people?